Phrasal Verbs – Emotions

Richard was a bit depressed earlier this year. I think all the uncertainty at work was getting him down. he was pretty hacked off at not being promoted too. He’s been at the same level now for six years and I think it’s really  getting to him.
It’s not good telling someone to snap out of it or pull themselves together when something’s really bothering them. Anyway, we had a really good holiday over Easter and after that he seemed to perk up. I don’t know exactly what it was that was getting him down but he seems to have got over it.


  • Feeling annoyed or unhappy

1-  Get down: to make someone feel unhappy.

2- Get to (informal) : to make someone feel upset or angry.

3- Piss off (Slang) & 4- Wind up (British & Australian, informal)
: to annoy someone.

5- Gnaw at: to make someone feel more and more anxious or annoyed.

6- Tear Apart:  to make someone feel very unhappy

7- Be put out: to be annoyed, often because of something that someone has done or said to you.


  • Starting to feel happier

1- Liven up: to become more energetic or cheerful, or to make someone feel this way.

2- Cheer up: If someon cheers up, or if someone or something cheers up them up, they start to feel happier.

3- Perk up: to suddenly become happier or more energetic, or to make someone feel this way.

4- Brighten up: to suddenly look or feel happier.


  • Feeling better after a bad mood.

1-Calm down: to stop feeling upset, angry, or excited, or to make someone stop feeling this way.

2- Get over: to begin to feel better after an experience that has made you feel unhappy.

3-Snap out of (informal):  to force yourself to stop feeling sad and upset.

4- pull yourself together: to become calm after being so angry or upset that you were unable to behave in a sensible way.


  • Losing control of your emotions

1-be carried away: to be so excited about something that you do not control what you say or do and you forget about everything else.

2-Freak out (informal) : to suddenly start behaving in a very strange or violent way.

3-Flip out (mainly American, informal): to suddenly start to behave in a very excited or strange way.