French Subject Pronouns – (Pronoms sujets)

  • The subject of a verb is the person or thing which performs the action of that verb:

Tom travaille.
Tom is working.

Mes parents habitent en Espagne.
My parents live in Spain.

La voiture ne veut pas démarrer.
The car won’t start.

  • Subject pronouns replace this person or thing:

Il travaille.
He is working.

Ils habitent en Espagne.
They live in Spain.

Elle ne veut pas démarrer.
It won’t start.

When studying French, you must understand subject pronouns before you can begin learning how to conjugate verbs, because the forms of verbs change for each subject pronoun.

1st person   je   I

2nd person   tu   you

3rd person   il   he, it   | elle   she, it   |  on   one

1st person   nous   we
2nd person   vous   you
3rd person   ils   they (m)    | elles   they (f)

See: French subject pronoun: je = I

French subject pronouns: tu, vous = you


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